We have access
to many brands

in Europe, Asia, and North America.

This is thanks to our highly qualified and multi-language team; Also, to the excellent business relationships that we have built for years with our suppliers to meet the needs of our customers.

We serve all your industrial requirements
of different brands

in one place.

Our team members will attend you with passion and will take the time to listen to you. We are convinced that the more we get to know our customers, the better we can anticipate their needs.


for your merchandise.

With this, we achieve a significant reduction in transport costs of your supply chain.

We can help you with quoting,
purchasing and shipping

any industrial requirement.

We also provide a free merchandise inspection service before shipping, with the goal of reducing reprocessing and return costs.

We have the logistic capacity
to deliver your merchandise

anywhere in the world.

At the lowest cost and giving you the reliability of handling your merchandise, thanks to the partnerships we have developed with different carriers worldwide

Our facilities

located in the city of Miami.

They allow us to be an essential business ally for our clients located in Central and South America, guaranteeing a fast and timely delivery of their orders.